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II was recently nominated for "Best Actor in a Musical" by for my performance as El Gallo in THE FANTASTICKS at Allenberry Playhouse.

"STUNNING SOLO-Andy Lebon is both disturbing (as he must be) and heartbreaking as Jud Fry.  His Aching solo on Lonely Room is stunning"  THE MIAMI HERALD

"Andy Lebon as a menacing Jud, is blessed with the cast's best voice, a solemn bass as slow moving as he is"  THE BALTIMORE SUN

"As Fry, Andy Lebon delivers the brooding, creepy, loner with Billy Bob Thorton genuineness." TAMPA TRIBUNE

"The strongest voice in the cast belongs to Andy Lebon, whose deep, resonant, bass perfectly fit the show's menacing villian, Jud Fry."  OMAHA WORLD-HERALD

"Andy Lebon gave surprising dimension to the villain Jud.  He slowly betrays his psychotic obsession with Laurey while still evoking a measure of sympathy for his unrequited passion." THE CAPITAL TIMES

"Lebon delivers such a realistically evil performance that I hated to applaud him-which considering his dispicable role-surely attests to his acting prowess.  His emotions run superbly from sullen to predatory to bereft to murderous, all within a few short scenes." THE NORTH CAROLINA TECHNICIAN

If you've had enough of my the pause button.

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